About Us

The Brentwood Library Foundation (BLF) is a public nonprofit organization formed in 2014 to raise private funds for a new and improved library.  The City of Brentwood completed a Needs Assessment that determined that Brentwood would need a library that would be at least 20,000 square feet.  In 2013, the City selected the architectural firm Mark Davis Design + FOG to create preliminary drawings.

In October of 2015, the Council voted to fund a new library construction budget of $12.2 million and in November 2016 voted to increase the budget to $13.5 million. The library will be built at the same location at 104 Oak Street. The Brentwood Library Foundation is raising funds to augment the interior furnishings and technology and expand the collection.

After construction of the new library facility, the ongoing mission of the Brentwood Library Foundation is to raise private funds to supplement public funding of the Brentwood Library in order to ensure that our library can continue to serve the community with free and convenient facilities and services.


 Diane Alexander, President

 Carlos Sanabria, Vice President

 Mayor Robert Taylor, Ex-Officio Member 

 Andrea Freyler, Ex-Officio Member 

 Thuy (Twee) DaoJensen, Ex-Officio Member 

 Sharon Garrison, Website & Director

 William "Bill" Harms, Facebook & Public Relations

 Ellen Moser, Treasurer & Director

 Stephen F. Smith, Director 

 Vicki Ward, Director 


Updated: December 4, 2020