Library Construction Update, June 15, 2017 
Progress continues on the new library construction project. In a letter from Gail Leech, Brentwood Management Analyst to City Manager, Gustavo "Gus" Vina, she reported on June 15th, that "we will start to see more activity on the library site in the coming weeks. Regarding the schedule:

1) We are estimated to begin the 1st set of cement footing pours around July 3rd or 5th.

2) Steel will be here on July 12th and erection will begin as soon as it is delivered. This phase, including the subsequent digging for the 2nd set of perimeter footings should be completed on or around September 28th.

3) Following that the slab will be poured.

The 3 trade packages being rebid will be opened on June 28th. I have completed 16 of the 27 trade packages and the rest (aside from the 3 rebids) are in progress."

Updated: June 18, 2017