Welcome to the Brentwood Library Foundation!

The Brentwood Library moved to its new location, 104 Oak Street on September 29, 2018.
The original mission of the Brentwood Library Foundation was to support the construction of a new library, through advocacy, fundraising, and by building relationships with others who share a passion for the Library’s work. In October 2015, the Brentwood City Counci voted to fund the construction of a new library. The City financed the 20,000 square foot building for $12.2 million. Our goal was to raise $625,000 to augment the interior furnishings, technology, and collections. We exceeded our goal by raising $700,000 from donations from individuals, companies and foundations and events. We are grateful to our 352 donors and everyone who came to our events. The Brentwood Library continues to have needs for materials and equipment, so our mission now is to raise funds to provide for those needs. The Friends of the Brentwood Library has always raised funds through book sales and donations to fund library programs and materials.

We are proud that we have been able to provide the library with the following items. If you would like to support our mission, please see “How You Can Help.” You will be remembered on a plaque upstairs.

Laptop kiosk with 12 laptops               10 Sewing Machines                   3-D Printer

Furniture                                              Keystone Donor plaques            PA System

Children’s early literacy kiosk              Cabinets in Makerspace             Building Improvements

Mountain portal to children’s room      Bench under stairs                      Public Art

Power Tower charging station             Bronze book bench                    Television

Decorative tree in children’s room       Metal tree sculpture

Please explore our website and learn what we do and how you can help us support the Brentwood Library. 
Updated: July 11, 2020